National Training Program - September 22 - 25, 2014

National Image Inc is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit, advocacy organization established in 1971. Its mission is to empower Hispanics through leadership development by advocating for Employment, Education and Civil Rights.


UPDATE: Federal Employees with Disabilities + LGBT community see here

National Image, Inc.


National Image is committed to disseminating the most current information to the Hispanic community.  A successful vehicle for this is the National Image Annual National Training Program (NTP).  The NTP is an excellent opportunity for hundreds of Hispanics to network. The NTP provides exhibit space for government agencies and private businesses to reach the community, a forum for speakers on topics of interest and a job fair to inform the community about employment opportunities.


Image was originally founded in 1972 to address the needs of Hispanics employees in the federal government.  Later, however, the membership saw a need to expand their activities to serve the needs of Hispanics outside the federal government. National Image – expanded its activities to increase its impact on employment education and civil rights.  Through the Office of the Chairman, National Image constantly works with officials at the highest national levels in both the public and private sectors.  We make these people aware not only the needs of the Hispanic community, but also of the pool of talent available to help the United States compete successfully in a global economy.  National Image has proven its ability to grow and change with the needs of the community.  It will continue to be a forward looking proactive organization to help Hispanics meet the challenges of the future.  Only if Hispanics are well-informed and well-prepared will we be able to develop our potentials to enrich ourselves and our communities and help the United States as a whole to prosper.  Your membership in National Image helps us continue to be a powerful force to prepare Hispanic for the 21st Century. JOIN NOW



National Image has in its charter a mandate to work for equal employment opportunities for Hispanics.  Therefore, we have instituted an aggressive program to help Hispanics achieve success in the public and private sectors.


Through various partnerships, the members of National Image work directly with the government and with Fortune 500 companies to increase opportunities for Hispanics in the workplace.  The project provides a channel through which employers and the Hispanics community can cooperate to make Hispanics a more viable force at work.


Partnerships team with employers identifies current job opportunities for which individuals can prepare.  However, they also conduct a proactive effort to identify types of jobs that may not yet exist in areas such as technology, services and science.  As we identify these future opportunities, we also learn that training necessary to work in these areas.  As we make this information available, we continue to be a potent force in helping Hispanics become qualified not only for current but also for future jobs.


National Image has on-going efforts at all levels of the public and private sectors regarding recruitment, development and retention of Hispanics.  Because of this effort, the Hispanic community will have new opportunities to send qualified, successful candidates into the job market.



National Image recognizes the key to future employment options is education.  We actively support both the traditional and the non-traditional student through scholarships.

National Image monitors the field of education to make Hispanics aware of trends that may affect them or of new avenues in education leading to growth and advancement.


National Image promotes cooperation between educators and community members to be meet the needs of Hispanics students.  In addition, we realize that prejudice is countered through understanding; therefore, our members are active in supporting the positive expression of the rich pan-Hispanic heritage and strong values that operate in the United States today.



Equal access to opportunity is essential for the well being of any community.  National Image is a strong proponent of Hispanic civil rights.


Whenever National Image becomes aware of discrimination against Hispanics, we will take steps to eliminate it.  We work with agencies to combat discrimination by developing and implementing positive strategies and initiatives to product affective winning solution.


We also work with corporate America to eliminate stereotypes in advertising campaigns and present the best aspects of Hispanic cultures and values.


In addition, National Image responds to requests for testimony at government hearings. Because we conduct research and have access to current information, National Image is able to speak intelligently before committees and agencies on issues affecting the Hispanic community in the United States.



National Image is committed to reaching the Hispanic community through innovative initiatives including partnering with the American G.I. Forum to outreach to veterans throughout the United States about federal opportunities

National Image hosts an annual Youth Leadership Symposium at its NTP.  The National Image Youth Leadership Symposium responds to the needs of Hispanic youth for leadership development so they may be active contributors to the community and obtain their career goals. Students received instructions on career options; including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines, financial management and citizenship.  Every year National Image hosts between 300 – 600 students to attend the National Image Youth Leadership Symposium.

To obtain additional information please visit us at and our face book at

National Image, Inc. Board Members:

        This past week the leaders in the NCEPS coalition elected a new president, Ms. Sylvia Chavez of National Image, Inc. to help lead the Coalition.

        President Chavez's first act was to appoint Ms. Cheryl Zwang as the new Executive Director of NCEPS and Mr. Danny Garceau as the new Executive Secretary of NCEPS.  Both are NCEPS members and past Chairs of SAIGE.  The late Julius Crouch was a mentor to both.

        Special gratitude goes out to Edna Battle, the former NCEPS Executive Secretary, for her many years of service and dedication.  Thanks also goes out to J. David Reeves for his work as president of NCEPS the past few years.

        NCEPS will conduct its next scheduled meeting during the August BIG Conference in Dallas.

        Please pass this news on to any individuals or organization which may benefit from the message.

A big thank you to all who made last year's conference a success!  We look forward to carrying that momentum into the 2014 year's program!

42nd National Training Program

42nd National Training Program

September 22 -25, 2014

Theme: Serving the Hispanic Community Through: Leadership, Development, Partnership and Outreach


BWI Airport Marriott,

1743 West Nursery Road

Linthicum, MD, 21090 (Baltimore area)

(410) 859-8300



National Training Program Highlights:

Plenary Sessions throughout

Pre-NTP Agency Forums

SES Career Training – OPM FEI

Breakout Sessions:

Personal & Professional Development,

EEO & Human Resources,


Cultural Presentation

Veterans Resources

Career Fair

Student Leadership Symposium – every year 600 student attendees



Sponsorships, Agency Exhibit, Non-profits booths and advertisement opportunities are now available.

For additional information E-mail:



Call for workshop presenters in the following topic areas:

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Difficult Co-workers
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Effective Communication
  • Working with Teams
  • Career Planning/Mapping Your  Career
  • Promoting Workplace Respect
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • The difference between an EEO    Complaints and a Grievance
  • EEO Update (MD-715 and  Complaints
  • Or suggest a topic


Interested presenters should contact Veronica Vasquez, (805) 889-2866 or




374 East H St. Ste A, PMB 419

Chula Vista, CA 91913

Phone: 858 495-7407


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